Valentine's Day Candy in general isn't that great (in my opinion) but Idaho's favorite kind HAS to be one of the worst. Odds are, you probably already know which kind I'm talking about so let's just rip the bandaid off...

It's the little conversational candy hearts that have the sayings on them. Gross.

Thankfully, Idaho has some good 2nd and 3rd favorites, so that's good! But, we're still a little mind-blown that somehow candy hearts managed to rank 1st. Keep scrolling to see the others 👇

Where did we find these stats? has years of data about this, and they've uncovered some pretty crazy trends about how much people spend on Valentine's Day candy and what kinds they buy the most.


They said, "People are gonna be shelling out big bucks this Valentine's Day - the National Retail Federation's survey says we'll be spending a whopping $25.9 billion, which is even more than last year's $23.9 billion. And it would be a record-breaking year, except 2020 was $27.4 billion! Ah, the pre-covid days. The number of people buying candy for Valentine's Day is expected to be at a new record high with 57% of consumers."

And, it's not just about the money, they have data that says what kind of candy each state buys the most... and Idaho's favorite Valentine's Day candy for 2023 is candy hearts.

2nd for Idaho is Hershey Kisses

Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash
Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash

3rd for Idaho is M&M's

Photo by Sebastian Gómez on Unsplash
Photo by Sebastian Gómez on Unsplash

Again, how candy hearts beat out Hersheys and M&M's? That will always remain a mystery.

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