These days, it's the ultimate fear: danger in a school that your child or a loved family member may be in.  While the issue has certainly become polarizing, political, and heated--at the end of the day, we should all be able to agree that what has gone on at schools and college campuses across the nation is simply uncalled for. Innocent lives have been taking by selfish individuals for varying "motives" and folks of all political affiliations and creeds often feel uneasy about sending their children to school.

A series of "scares" struck Idaho today--we're happy to report that at this time, everyone has been considered safe and all threats have been classified as not credible.

It was a bit of a dramatic late-morning across Southern Idaho--organically, we began noticing residents sharing online that police were responding to various schools and some shared text messages received from automated safety programs. Alerts warned parents and guardians that schools, like Columbia High School in Nampa, were under lockdown. The text messages assured parties that another would be sent as soon as students were considered safe and the threat was neutralized.

According to local news sources, these 'hoax' threats were happening not only across Idaho today, but across the nation. 

As of 11:40am, Nampa Police shared the following:

No threat was located and the incident appears to be part of the regional hoax being posted on other agency social media.  If you are a parent going to Columbia, be patient and follow the instructions once you arrive at the main lobby.  Again, please do not call Nampa Dispatch for release information or student status. All students have been released back to their normal daily activity.


We will continue to update this story if new developments arise.

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