Look - whether we like it or not, the problems that COVID-19 continues to present need to be addressed. Luckily for Idaho, the risk level is relatively low according to COVIDActNow.org but we're still seeing some cases.

What do the numbers say?

According to COVIDActNow.org, Ada County is seeing about 3.4 weekly COVID admissions per 100k with Canyon County seeing exactly the same numbers.

As for the state, COVIDActNow says that Idaho has had "74 new COVID hospital admissions" over the last week.

Now, we get it - people get sick. But, what if they didn't have to? Is that naive of us to even ponder?

Don't worry, we're not here to push you to get vaccinated or anything of that sort. We're simply here to present you with some data and facts we came across.

Has the answer to combating COVID-19 been in front of us the whole time?

There has been a ton of talk about legalization lately and understandably so. People on both sides have strong arguments but what if one of the solutions to combating a virus like COVID-19 could be found in marijuana?

We're not saying you need to go and make the trip to Ontario to get some of that green stuff to spark up this evening... but some believe there is enough science out there to support the claim (which is what it is) that cannabis could aid in the fight against getting ill.

Let's look at what we know - what do you think?

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