There has been a lot of talk about the reclassification of marijuana recently. Marijuana enthusiasts around the country are excited about the idea that pot is one step closer to being legalized... especially in Idaho.

Idaho is NOT on board for the weed

Twenty-four states have legalized the weed and Idaho doesn't appear to be close at all. That is, of course, if you exclude how close Boise is to Ontario, Oregon which is a popular destination for Idaho pot lovers (or "potheads" depending on how you see it).

It's no secret that people from Idaho flock to Oregon daily for their marijuana needs and some politicians have gone as far as to push for expanding Idaho's borders to keep the weed away from the capital.

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Still, some people in Idaho argue that legalizing the Devil's Lettuce is good for everyone. Whether it's for medical or financial reasons, some of them present valid points.

Do you think with all of the recent reclassification that Idaho is one step closer to legalization? Let us know why you think that's a good or bad idea here and we'd love to share a follow-up with you.

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