Could you live in Boise's most affordable tiny home? After checking it out, I don't think I could survive! Maybe for specific camping or hunting trips, but definitely not to live in permanently.

What do you think?

Though, for those kinds of trips (i.e., camping, fishing, hunting), this could be the perfect tiny home! Here's some more information about the home...

What sets this tiny home apart is that it's fully equipped with its own wheels, making it mobile and great for adventures. According to the seller's description on Facebook Marketplace, this home, "is ready to be out in the woods as a hunting / fishing cabin."

You can easily transport it to your favorite hunting spots, ensuring that you have a comfortable and convenient retreat during your excursions.

Dan Beasley on Facebook Marketplace
Dan Beasley on Facebook Marketplace

Priced at $22,500, this exceptional tiny home offers incredible value and a comfortable retreat for nature enthusiasts, and it is currently the most affordable tiny home in the area.

The seller noted that the windows (in the photos) are currently covered for safe transportation, and that there is also a nice deck available for the cabin, although it is not pictured.

As for what you get on the inside, there are two cozy lofts, a convenient shower, a toilet, a comfortable sofa, and a dining table — everything you need to relax and recharge after a day of exploring the great outdoors!

Keep scrolling for the pictures, as well as pictures of other impressive tiny homes throughout the Treasure Valley 👇

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I swear every bedroom has it's own living room and kitchen!

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