Getting your driver's license has to be one of the most memorable things in life ever. You now have the privilege and freedom to commute around town, you essentially have more free will than ever, and if you're fortunate enough, you can drive around in style.

But as with any privilege, people can start to take it for granted...

There are some alarming stats about driving in Nampa

We're not necessarily saying that Nampa is one of the worst places to drive but the Nampa Police Department shared some stats that should cause some concern.

Before we address that data, allow us to first thank the officers and first responders in Nampa for what they do. As you'll see in the numbers, they're working their butts off and unfortunately for them, having to do a little bit of extra work because of the recklessness happening on the roads in Nampa.

In the data they revealed, the category that stood out in particular was the number of crashes in March alone. Let's look at what the data says...

Does This Data Prove There's A Problem On Nampa Roads?

Do Nampa's driving stats in March prove there's a problem on the roads?

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Are we crazy or is 179 crashes in a month for a city like Nampa a lot? As we shared, that's just under six crashes per day, and even more wild is how many involve property damage (130).

And that's just in Nampa!

If there's a big takeaway here, it's that driving is what we said in the beginning: a privilege. It's not something we should take for granted and when you consider how hard our first responders work to keep us safe, taking driving for granted is downright selfish.

Let's be better and do what we can to keep the roads of the Treasure Valley safe.

Check out Nampa Police Department's full post below:

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