Boise, Idaho - On Facebook Boise Park and Recreation shared that the City of Boise will be working with the Capital City Development Corporation and will bring a new public park space to downtown Boise.

According to their press release "In January 2022, CCDC purchased a 0.21-acre parcel located at 521 W. Grove Street to create a public park space that celebrates the multi-cultural aspects of the Old Boise Neighborhood. The new public space, as envisioned by the Old Boise community, would potentially provide an area where people can enjoy the outdoors, gather for community events and street festivals on the adjacent Basque Block, and learn about and connect with the multi-cultural and historic richness of one of Boise’s oldest neighborhoods."

The Capital City Development Corporation is conducting a survey about the space looking to get more information from people in our community "This survey will ask you about your vision for the development and use of this public space with a focus on the amenities, visual aesthetic and elements of public art and cultural celebration. Your response to this survey will remain anonymous and will be interpreted by a third party. Responses to this survey will be used to inform initial concept designs and solicit proposals from local artists. The survey should take about 8 minutes to complete."

Capital City Development Corporation
Capital City Development Corporation

Here are some of the questions you'll see.

  • What do you value about urban/downtown parks and public spaces, in general?
  • Is there anything you don't like about urban/downtown parks and public spaces?
  • This public space is located in the Old Boise Blocks area of downtown, (the area around the Basque Block east to 3rd street, within a block of Grove Stree). How often do you frequent this area?
  • What typically brings you into or near the Old Boise Blocks of Downtown?

You can see the full survey here. 

Capital City Development Corporation
Capital City Development Corporation

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