This can be a controversial topic around here for a variety of reasons. If Boise actually is one of the most affordable places to live, then Idahoans don’t want that secret getting out to the general public. The other side of this coin is... Idahoans thinking Boise is definitely not affordable — at least not as affordable as it used to be. But that’s kind of how it is everywhere in the country at this point.

There’s a recent article from Redbook that says...

“It’s no secret that some of the biggest cities in the United States have become unaffordable for most people. With inflation on the rise, countless city dwellers have been leaving places like New York, Los Angeles, Boston, and San Francisco in droves in search of lower rents, larger spaces, and an all-around bigger bang for their buck.”

Which is true, hence the extreme growth in Idaho, especially in the Treasure Valley. Redbook shared the most affordable cities in the U.S. to move to right now, saying...

“If you’re considering moving out of a bigger city or you’re seeking a change from rural or suburban life, there are a number of affordable United States cities just waiting for you to call home.”

And Boise is one of their recommendations.

Here’s what Redbook had to say about Boise...

“Boise is one of the fastest growing cities in the United States, largely due to the number of startups that have put down roots in the area. Those who live in Boise experience a healthy work-life balance, which allows them to take advantage of the city’s many microbreweries, restaurants, coffee shops, and cultural offerings. The median rent in Boise is roughly $1,500 per month.”

However, most Idahoans and Boise locals will tell you Boise is full, so keep scrolling for 25 other affordable cities to move to before moving to Boise 👇

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