Sleep paralysis is something a lot of us have experienced at some point or another... and it's terrifying. You wake up from a deep sleep, you can't move, and all you can do is look around the room.

Some people suffering from sleep paralysis report seeing some creepy things in the night when they can't move and one man in Twin Falls may have caught one of those entities on camera.

What is lurking in the night?

Something is horrifying about the idea of a conscious unknown being lurking in your home, especially if you live alone.

You might hear creaks in your home, strange noises in the dead of night, objects moving on their own, and feelings of being watched or followed – no matter how tough you are, it's scary to think about.

When surfing the web looking for something creepy to watch (it's what we enjoy, don't judge!), we came across a YouTube channel called Nuke's Top 5. The channel showcases scary footage submitted by people all across the world and a video they received from a Twin Falls man who calls himself "Oliver."

The video submitted by Oliver was intended to show off a basement to his friends before they came over later to spend the night.

What is inside of this Idaho basement?

While the video starts off pretty typical, when Oliver turns the corner into one of the rooms, he is immediately caught off guard and shaken to his core.

Nuke's Top 5 via YouTube
Nuke's Top 5 via YouTube

What we see appears to be a shape or entity wearing a hat, enveloped by darkness. When Oliver sees the figure, he jolts back before peeking around the corner to check once more.

We see that this figure has completely vanished.

Nuke's Top 5 via YouTube
Nuke's Top 5 via YouTube

What makes this video so terrifying is that it was intended to show some friends where they'll be hanging out for the night.

This video wasn't intended to scare anyone and despite that, we see a dark figure that seems to be wearing a hat. It's the image that many have described seeing when experiencing sleep paralysis and has us wondering if this Twin Falls man captured this entity on video.

What do you think? Check it out below (the first creepy footage in the compilation video) and then share your thoughts with us.

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