Boise, Idaho — Last night (Monday, January 23rd) the Boise Police Department and the Meridian Police Department responded to an officer-involved shooting near Fairview and Records. And while the police departments were posting advisories on their Twitter accounts encouraging drivers and patrons to avoid the area —  we didn't really get any updates regarding the story of what happened.

That is... until now. We still don't have the whole story, and there are ongoing investigations now taking place, but we do at least have some more information regarding what happened.

Around 6:50pm, the Boise Police Department posted to their Twitter thread that the scene is secure and that they'll be available for statements around 7:15pm on the side of Texas Roadhouse.

They later posted a link to the City of Boise website that has more information about the case.

The City of Boise said, "At approximately 4:30pm, Boise Police officers and Fugitive Recovery Agents from the Idaho Department of Correction were searching for an adult male suspect wanted on felony charges near E. Fairview Ave. and N. Records Way. Officers were attempting to take the suspect into custody and remove him from a car when he produced a weapon."

"One Boise Police officer was forced to discharge his weapon, striking the suspect. Officers immediately rendered medical aid, but the suspect died on scene. He will be identified by the Ada County Coroner’s Office pending notification of next of kin."

Their statement goes onto to detail next steps, like: The Ada County Critical Incident Task force and the Garden City Police Department now leading investigations, reviewing any video evidence, and conducting internal investigations within the Boise Police Department.

You can view the report of the incident here on this clip from KTVB

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