There have been a lot of publications over the last few years that have deemed Idaho to be one of the best, most affordable places to move to in America, but maybe that's coming to an end!

Which, most Idahoans are probably very grateful for that, because if we're not landing on any of the major lists of the best or most affordable states to move to, then maybe that means less people will move here.

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But it's also a bummer to some extent, because that means (Idaho) where we live is more expensive right now. It used to be that Idaho was one of the greatest, most affordable places to live... but not anymore.

There's a recent article from Top Dollar that shares a list and details about the most affordable places to move to in America for 2023, and Idaho isn't even remotely close to being on that list. They said...

"The cost of living, for many people, has gone through the roof. Some individuals are even considering moving and are searching for a cheaper state to live in." If you're someone who's looking to move and maybe save some money, or get more for your money, check out the list below to see the cheapest states to move to right now.

Keep scrolling for 15 affordable states you should consider for your next big move and more 👇

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