Zion's Bank has announced via social media that they will not be supporting this year's Gay Pridefest event in Boise this weekend. The Bank said that while they historically have supported the LGBTQ.. community, and employees, the organization will withdraw its sponsorship due to the children's drag show that has been promoted on fliers.

Zion is the first sponsor to decide not to support this weekend's event financially. Social media has criticized event organizers for holding the event on September 11th and a proposed youth drag show where male children dress up as females. Others Conservatives on social media do not believe drag queens should be reading stories to children. Many folks have used social media platforms to denounce the event's sponsors.

The reaction to their announcement continues to dominate social media.  


The issue of child drag shows has caused many folks to pressure the event's sponsors. We are sharing some of the agenda items from the Sunday schedule of events.

11:30 AM – 9/11 Remembrance
11:45 AM - Drag Story Time 
12:15 PM - Get Up and Dance with the Corevette Collective presented by Project Filter
12:45 PM - Drag Kids    

It appears that after the folks honor the people who died on September 11th there will be a drag story time and an event sponsored by Project Filter.  Aren't they a state agency?

National Spotlight on Corporate Sponsors

The Daily Caller has posted a story focusing in on the massive amount of local and national sponsors supporting the event.  You can read their story here. 

The event's organizers have decided to add extra security in reaction to the Patriot Front's attempt to disrupt a similar event in Coeur d'Alene. We will continue to update you on this story as it develops.

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