It's not looking good for Boise Mayor Lauren McLean. As she tries to convince Idaho voters to reelect her, another police hire is under legal scrutiny. The Idaho Statesman reported that Deputy Police Chief Tammany Brooks is being sued for alleged unconstitutional and racist behavior. (In America and Idaho, people are innocent till proven guilty.)

The deputy chief was part of the new team hired by Mayor McLean. The lawsuit is another example of her bungled leadership. The out-of-state east-coast law firm she hired to investigate the Boise Police Department over allegations of racism within the department. The law firm has spent its budgeted $500,000—no word on when or if more taxpayer money will be sent to the law firm.

The city still needs to choose a permanent replacement for Ryan Lee, the former chief, who was asked to resign after a damaging report from KTVB. 

The Idaho Statesman gave us a look at the current allegations in this new lawsuit. 

 "From 2019-2022, Antioch police officers and sergeants exchanged hundreds of salacious text messages riddled with vile and offensive language about community members," according to the complaint. "In those threads, officers bragged about using excessive force and beating arrest subjects so severely that the officers themselves hurt their hands and feet."

The plaintiffs believe that the chief could've stopped the texts and other forms of communication but failed to act responsibly. It will be up to the court to determine the case's merits. 

One has to wonder how the citizens of Boise will respond to another legal mess under the current mayor's lack of leadership.

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