It's not often that someone chooses to attend Boise State over such prominent Power Five programs. Hank Bachmeier chose Boise State because of his relationship with the coaches at the time and the reputation the Broncos had for developing players. That was Hank's dream that turned into a nightmare.

Hank Bachmeier Through the Years

Hank Bachmeier's time at Boise State Remembered.

The relationship fell apart as Bryan Harsin left Boise for Auburn, Alabama, leaving Hank with an inexperienced coach and offensive coordinator. Through the years, Hank played with undisclosed injuries while never complaining. He was the most hit/sacked player in college football. 

How many fans remember the excitement of the four-star recruit graduating high school early to start his Boise State career? In the end, he was booed by fans, a participant in a quarterback controversy, misused by an offensive coordinator who didn't have a concept of how to use his skills, and finally, by a coach who should be a defensive coordinator.

(Editors note, how many of the original staff members remain from last year with Plough getting the boot? Is it the defensive coordinator, the last man standing from a staff that promised so much success yet failed miserably?)


The Avalos-led coaching team failed to live up to the promises that lured Mr. Bachmeier to Boise, relationships, and player development. Don't look for more four-star recruits from California to buy into the Bronco hype due to how Hank Bachmeier was treated.  

How many college teams offered him a scholarship? 24/7 sports reported that he picked Boise State  'over Minnesota and UCLA, among others. Boston College, Cal, Colorado, Fresno State, Georgia, Hawaii, Indiana, Ole Miss, Oregon State, Tennessee, UNLV, Utah, Vanderbilt and Washington State also offered him.'

Who picks Boise State over UCLA or Vanderbilt? Hank Bachmeier did, and for that, we thank him. Mr. Bachmeier, we will never know how much of a sacrifice you endured during your time here; we want to tell you that you deserve better than what you received here in Boise.

Thank you for being so committed to our area on and off the field. We look forward to covering your next adventures. 

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