Boise has once again made its mark, but this time on the global stage, for being an affordable and exciting fall vacation destination. For several consecutive years, Boise has consistently earned a spot on "top ten" lists in the country, but this time it's The Travel recognizing our city as one of the top 10 super cheap fall vacations worth exploring.

Alongside international destinations like Kinosaki-Onsen, Japan, Cancun, Mexico, and Bali, Indonesia, Boise proudly represents the United States.

With a lot of outdoor activities and nice pre-winter weather, it's for sure an ideal time to visit Boise. And this year, even locals are surprised as to how amazing our weather has been since summer.

When was the last time the Treasure Valley had a high of 80-degrees on October 19th? A normal temperature for this time of year in this area would be like 52-degrees... or even colder.

Plus, aside from Boise's affordability, there's an endless amount of outdoor opportunities for adventure, like mountain biking, rafting, hiking, and more. Watching sunsets and exploring public markets and events are just a few other enjoyable recommendations.

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Boise's continuous recognition on big lists like this underscores its growing appeal to both U.S. and international travelers. It's a testament to the city's charm, affordability, and the wealth of outdoor and cultural experiences it offers, making Boise a top pick for anyone seeking an unforgettable and budget-friendly fall getaway.

Keep reading for spooky Fall events and beautiful Fall drives and more.

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