Boise and the Treasure Valley Weather Update for the rest of this week: October 09 - October 15

From sunshine to possible thunderstorms — here's what to expect this week. Boise has been having beautiful weather this last week, but we could see a turn to colder, more fall-like temperatures this week as we embrace more rain and possible thunderstorms, as predicted by local meteorologists.

Information from the National Weather Service.

Monday - October 9
Chance of showers and thunderstorms before 9pm, followed by a chance of showers between 9 pm and midnight. Expect a low around 55, higher wind speeds (24mph) and 30% chance of precipitation.

Tuesday - October 10
40% chance of showers during the afternoon, with mostly cloudy conditions and a high near 63.

Wednesday - October 11
Wednesday maintains the 40% chance of showers, mainly before noon. The day is expected to turn partly sunny, with a high near 58.

Thursday - October 12
Thursday brings a welcome change with sunny skies and an expected high of 62. Nighttime remains mostly clear, with a low around 41.

Friday - October 13
Friday promises continued sunshine, with a high near 67 and a low of 46 during the evening.

Photo by vision webagency on Unsplash
Photo by vision webagency on Unsplash

Saturday - October 14
Expected to be partly sunny with a high near 68. The night is expected to become mostly cloudy with a low around 50.

Sunday - October 15
The week wraps up with mostly cloudy conditions and a high near 68.

As the week progresses, Boise can anticipate a mix of wet and dry conditions, with a transition from potential showers early in the week to sunnier skies heading into the weekend.


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