Remember when Boise State football fans had to worry that their head coach would one day be poached by a major college football program? Despite the past success of the years, Bronco coaches have left for bigger programs, paying more money in bigger conferences. 

The Coach Avalos era was one of the most turbulent times in the program's history. The team hired and fired offensive coordinators, saw two starting quarterbacks leave the program, and eventually fired the team's head coach. 


Now, a new element has crept into the program as Pete Thamel of ESPN reports that offensive coordinator Bush Hamdan could leave the school for the University of Kentucky. Usually, a coach is poached after a few successful seasons with a team. However, Coach Hamden is well known for coaching in the SEC, the now-defunct Pac-12, and the Atlanta Falcons. The coach hasn't stayed at one program for more than two years.

The Wildcats could triple the coach's salary, offering a significant opportunity to showcase his talents. Offensive coordinators in the SEC make a lot of money and are often the targets of Power Five programs and NFL teams.

Coach Hamdan has been linked to the highest recruit in the history of Boise State football, quarterback Malachi Nelson. Will 2023's top-rated follow his coach to Kentucky Blue? It is not unusual for players to follow their coaches if they move on to another program. However, Mr. Nelson has yet to play for Boise State. The loss of both player and coach would be devastating for the Broncos.


If Coach Hamdan moves on, expect Boise State to look at other coordinators or perhaps an FCS head coach who is an offensive genius. Would former Boise State great Brent Pease leave Montana for a return to the Blue?

The bottom line is that the days of loyalty to a college football program at the player, coach, and administration level are over. We'll update you on this story as it develops.

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