Perhaps you pride yourself on your wealth of knowledge.

Perhaps you get the most answers right amongst your friends at trivia.

Perhaps you're the "do your own research" type who did that one time, and now you know everything about everything.

That is, unless, you're from this part of Idaho. In that case, you may know a lot less than you think.

We're not saying you are an unintelligent person if you're from this area. The facts simply state it's the least-educated part of Idaho.

Not everyone can be of genius mentality, right? Well, according to, if you're from this area of Idaho, you are statistically more likely to have a lower level of education than people from any other part of the Gem State.

Idaho's least-educated area? Lincoln County. Including Dietrich, Richfield, and Shoshone.

Of all the folks in Lincoln County, Idaho, only 10% have graduated college, and less than 34% have graduated high school. That is an accurate statement: Only 1 out of 3 people in Lincoln County have a high school diploma. There's absolutely nothing wrong with that, it's just a staggering statistic, is it not?


Maybe you're not from Lincoln County, and you don't have to worry about how smart you are. You're from Boise. You know all the rules, right? There couldn't possibly be anything you don't already know, wouldn't you say?

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