Boise State football will be looking for a new offensive coordinator. The University of Kentucky officially hired Bush Hamdan to lead the Wildcat offense. Bronco Nation will hope that the brain trust will find a suitable replacement. Could we see a return of Mark Sanford or Bryan Harsin?

Multiple reports confirm that Hamdan will joining Kentucky Head Coach Mark Stoops in Lexington.  Bronco Nation felt like a hurricane hit them after national reports had the talented coach trading in the Blue of Boise for the Bluegrass of Kentucky. Despite their optimism, the money talks and the coach walked.



Boise State fans will seek to recover from another punch in the gut. Coach Hamdan leaving is another sign of changing nature of the game. Two disruptive forces that have been recently introduced have jeopardized the stability of college football.

Name, Image, Likeness, and the transfer portal are those two items that have disrupted a once-stable game. Coaches have also been looking to make more money as players have moved from one team to another. The days of coaching staff staying together are as rare as a player playing for one school for more than two years.  


Boise State's last few years have been marked by turmoil: several prominent quarterbacks and offensive coordinators during the run of former Coach Andy Avalos. Spencer Danielson is a young coach who needs an experienced offensive coordinator.
Two disruptive forces that have been recently introduced have jeopardized the stability of college football.

Bronco Coach Spencer Danielson released a statement to multiple outlets.

“I wish Bush Hamdan the best in his next opportunity, but I know what we are building here at Boise State is special,” Danielson said in a statement. “That leaves us with an opportunity to bring in another great offensive coordinator. Our national search for a new coordinator has already begun and I look forward to finalizing our staff as soon as possible. I’m excited to find another great play caller that will be an additional great mentor for our student-athletes.”

We'll continue to update you on this story as it develops.

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