Does it feel to you like no matter what app you open, or what website you click on, you're constantly being shown content about Taylor Swift. Even when you aren't searching for her, there she is. Do you ever wonder why?

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So, why is Taylor Swift constantly showing up on your device? How is it that you, a person who is very vocal about not being a fan of Taylor Swift, continues to see her face and images everywhere you go? Well, spoiler alert.

It's your fault.

Anytime you see someone post "UGH WHY IS MY FEED FILLED WITH ADS FOR (thing)?" it's because they're searching for said thing. Or clicking on ads for said thing. Or angrily clicking an article about said thing, only to have it show up later in your feed. If you click on it, float your mouse over it, or scroll and read it, the internet remembers and tries to serve you more content like what you're clicking on.

Meaning, if your social media feeds are filled with ads about Scooby-Doo matching his-and-hers underpants sets, you've probably looked that up at some point. Or, someone using your phone did. Or, someone you share an account with somewhere did, and now you're feeling the wraith.

Basically, you're going to continue to see Taylor Swift on the internet for quite some time because everyone is looking her up. Might as well just give up trying to avoid her at this point.

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