The battle between the United States hits close to home as one of Idaho's most significant employers feels the sharp pain from the Communist Chinese Government. President Biden continues to bring the highly valued production of semiconductors back to America. He credits the incentives in his Chips and Science Act with providing incentives to allow companies like Boise-based Micron the ability to produce chips in America.

The move to bring manufacturing away from Taiwan and back to our country has caused the Chinese Government to clap back at Micron. The New York Times reported:

 "China’s internet watchdog said it was conducting a review of Micron’s products sold in the country to “safeguard the security of the information infrastructure supply chain.” Mao Ning, a Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman, characterized the review as a “normal regulatory measure” focused on products that could affect national security."

It may be too early for the president to respond to the added Chinese scrutiny of Micron. However, Idaho's two senators took to social media to back up the company.



Does Micron Have Plants in China?

According to the New York Times, the answer to that question is yes. Micron employs three thousand workers and has offices in several cities. The late Steve Appleton was quoted in 2007 when the company opened its first factory.

Years ago, American businesses saw China as a tremendous economic opportunity. China is the world leader in manufacturing products but could lose a significant amount of business as American companies begin to bring back manufacturing to America.

“We are pleased to be a growing part of the China technology industry,”Steve Appleton

Those days appear to be over as China continues its plans to replace America as the world's economic and military superpower. Micron and other companies should expect more challenges with China as they seek to decouple themselves.

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