There's been a recent wave of studies conducted since 2019, where Boise has consistently stolen the spotlight as one of the best places in America for solo living.

With the rise of single-person households across the country, Idaho number one on the list, claiming the title of the best state for those embracing a solo lifestyle.

Multiple studies conducted post-2019 and amidst the COVID-19 pandemic reveal that Boise has become a top choice for the independently inclined. According to diverse research sources, including the Solo Living Index by NiceRx and various analyses tracking the trends of solo living, Boise consistently outshines other cities in Idaho, and other metropolitan areas throughout America.

Boise's allure for independent living stems from a bunch of factors that were considered in these studies; ranging from affordable rent costs and a reasonable general cost of living to the city's safety, healthcare accessibility, and the abundance of group activities.

With friendly neighbors and thriving community spirit, Boise not only takes the top spot for safety but also boasts a high concentration of group activities per 100,000 residents, according to the NiceRX studies.

In the spirit of the approaching holidays, know that you're not alone. More people than ever before are living independently in the Boise area. The Treasure Valley is home to a vibrant solo-living community that understands the occasional solitude blues. Dive into Boise's solo living scene, from dating adventures to the best community events and more.

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