It's hard to believe that with all the legitimate documentation, another city would make the same mistake that Boise Mayor Lauren McLean did. This mistake is so big that it will take one of the city's most treasured institutions years to recover.

Believe it or not, former Boise Police Chief Ryan Lee is getting a new job. No, not as a dog catcher, but as a police chief in one of America's largest cities, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. KDKA Radio reports that Pittsburgh Mayor Ed Gainey will hire Mr. Lee. Apparently, the mayor of Pittsburgh still needs to read the published reports covering Mr. Lee's controversial short Boise tenure.

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Mr. Lee was forced to resign after a damaging report detailing his detrimental leadership while running the Boise Police Department. During his time as chief, the department lost a record amount of experienced officers. Some officers lost thousands of dollars retiring early because of the toxic environment they described under Mr. Lee.

The city of Pittsburgh would be wise to remove its offer to Mr. Lee if it'd like to prevent another debacle. The Pittsburgh Police Union is a strong force that will not adhere to the 'Portland Way.'

The police chief should lead by example, and his leadership should be above reproach. Sadly, it has been the experience of Idahoans that Mr. Lee did not live up to the expectations, and that's why he was 'asked' to resign.

How wrong was Chief Lee? The current Boise mayor could lose her job because the former police chief is coming out of retirement to challenge her reelection. He has a very good chance of beating her in a one on one match up.

Perhaps Mr. Lee has changed his aggressive tune? America is a place of second and third chances. However, the city of Pittsburgh can do better. Pittsburgh's new police chief should be someone from that great American city. Learning on the job is not a recipe for success when you're in charge of public safety.


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