There are two well-known grocery stores with multiple locations in Idaho that have recently earned the title of the most overpriced grocery stores in the country. Any guesses?

For many, grocery shopping has become a less-than-pleasant experience due to the rising costs of daily essentials. The shock at the checkout counter is a common feeling among Americans, leaving shoppers questioning the value received for their money. Despite personal preferences, some grocery stores, while notorious for being more expensive, stand out for offering a better balance between quality and cost.

What are the most expensive grocery stores in Idaho?


Google Maps | Skeeter M.
Google Maps | Skeeter M.

The store that actually made the list, according to Delish, is ACME. However, we're listing Albertsons in it's place because Albertsons and Kroger are parent companies to ACME. It's reported that there are 38 operating Albertsons grocery stores in the state of Idaho. The store aims to provide high-quality groceries but often at a premium.

Whole Foods

Google Maps | おぐしゅん
Google Maps | おぐしゅん

If you live in Boise, you may have guessed this one. Whole Foods is one of the most expensive grocery stores in Idaho and in America, but it's reported that there is only one Whole Foods location in Idaho — on Broadway Ave in Boise.

While arguments can be made about the pricing strategies of various grocery stores in Idaho, Whole Foods and Albertsons stand out among the best in America and are notorious for their higher-than-average costs.

Keep scrolling for a detailed list of the best, most popular grocery stores in America and more.

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