It looks like Idaho's turn to be a part of another showdown between government officials and Ammon Bundy. Mr. Bundy, who has since been living in Idaho, has challenged the authority of the state government to issue mask mandates and the ability of child protective services.

Mr. Bundy is currently engaged in a lawsuit with one of, if not the state's largest employers, St. Luke's Healthcare Systems. The local courts have ruled in the hospital's favor involving several lawsuits involving the' Baby Cyrus protests.' Mr. Bundy has asked St. Luke's to leave him alone and has shared the massive litigation he is facing.


We have learned that several folks have decided to join Mr. Bundy at his home in Emmett. As we've learned through multiple reports, officials are reluctant to serve Mr. Bundy additional court papers.

The Gem County Sheriff initially refused to serve the papers over concern for his officer's safety. After the case was brought to the Idaho Supreme Court, the sheriff said he would deliver court papers to Mr. Bundy from St. Luke's.      



Mr. Bundy has invited his folks to join him at his Emmett home in solidarity. Monday night, we were told by several sources that over 200 people showed up for a Bundy Barbecue. We've been told that people are now camping out in hopes of documenting his arrest and they are armed.


Will Emmett Become Another Bunkerville Or Oregon Standoff?


That is the big question that Idaho Law Enforcement officers want to avoid. No one in Idaho wants the national meeting camping out in Emmett as they did at the Wildlife Refuge in Malheur County, Oregon, and in Nevada. Law enforcement will do their best to de-escalate the situation in Emmett.

We all hope to avoid another situation where lives could be in jeopardy. Let's hope and pray that cooler heads will prevail. We'll continue to monitor this story and update you as it develops.

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