The nation continues to focus on the murders of Ethan Chapin, Kaylee Goncalves, Xana Kernodle, and Madison Mogen. The case has dissolved into the blame game, with the media documenting the missteps of the various law enforcement agencies. However, only selected Conservative media outlets have asked why President Biden hasn't commented on this case. It is not unusual for a president to send his condolences in cases that have gained national attention.

President Biden is no stranger to the state of Idaho. He quickly condemned the state when the University of Idaho issued a memo regarding what could and couldn't be said about abortion. Why would the president comment about a university memo and not these horrific murders? In this case, are the president's actions, or inaction, telegraphing that an abortion memo is more critical than the murders of four students?


It's not surprising that the media, outside of Fox News and selected outlets, have not called out the president's lack of communication on this case. The Federalist points out that President Biden has no problem speaking out when crimes involve guns and the LGBTQ. 

"If Biden were sincere, he would acknowledge the killings that occur every day in Chicago, and he would treat the deaths of the four young Idaho college students with the same compassion and urgency that he afforded those who died at Club Q in Colorado." 

Conservative Cal Thomas writes that President Biden's comments expose a double standard of presidential priorities. 

"Then there is the unsolved murder of four college students in Moscow, Idaho, in which a knife was used. No one is calling for knives to be banned. Someone intent on murder will find a way to kill no matter how many laws are passed.

Banning a so-called "assault weapon" (which neither the president nor few other gun control advocates have defined), would not have deterred the Virginia and Colorado shooters. Laws against murder did not stop the Idaho stabber."

It is time for President Biden to drop his agenda and show Idaho that he is the father and grandfather that he claims to be. Where is your compassion, Mr. President? 

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