Is your favorite Christmas song the same as Idaho's favorite Christmas song? Let’s find out!

Each year, FinanceBuzz analyzes Google Trends and releases a list of the most popular Christmas songs in each state for that given year. Last year, 2022, Idaho's most popular Christmas song was "Santa Baby." However, there's a new winner for 2023! Continue reading for the details.

Why is Santa Baby controversial?

Originating in 1953 and famously covered by Ariana Grande, "Santa Baby" stirs controversy surrounding its implied sexual lyrics and seductive tone. While in 2022 this controversy didn't deter Idahoans (or even Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana, Minnesota, Missouri, Oklahoma, and Rhode Island)...

It might have deterred Google and FinanceBuzz, because this song was not even considered in 2023.

So, what is Idaho's favorite Christmas song in 2023?

The answer: White Christmas

Surprisingly, "White Christmas" is rated the most popular Christmas song in only 2 states this year: Idaho and Maine. Why? Well, we'd have to ask residents in Idaho and Maine why that's the #1 most Google-searched Christmas song in those states!

Originally composed by Irving Berlin and made famous by Bing Crosby, "White Christmas" has become a Christmas anthem synonymous with the holiday season, and every year the song shines, sparking the feeling of nostalgia for a lot of adults in America. Its timeless lyrics have been heard in famous covers for years, and it will likely continue to be not only a holiday favorite, but a true classic.

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