There's a new cell tower going up in Kuna, and it has sparked mixed reactions from locals on social media.

Kuna finds itself at the center of a contentious debate as a new cell tower rises where a beloved dairy farm once stood. This change has fueled a fiery conversation on local community Facebook pages and groups, revealing two distinct arguments that locals have.

On one hand, there are those who welcome the new cell tower with open arms. They anticipate improved mobile reception, faster data speeds, and a boost in connectivity. For them, this technological advancement is a step in the right direction for Kuna, keeping up with modern needs.

On the other side, there are residents who hold deep-seated nostalgia for the dairy farm that was a cherished part of the community's identity. They fear that advancements like this will alter the town's character and increase the amount of people moving here.

Others are expressing concerns about the potential health implications of this cell tower on residents, as long-term exposure to RF radiation has been linked to health issues.

Amidst these serious discussions, there's also curiosity about the aesthetics of the cell tower, and whether or not they will make this tower look like a tree. This is a commonly-used method to make big structures like this look less obtrusive.

It will be interesting to see how the community of Kuna will navigate the shifting landscape as they continue to grow — striving to find a balance between the past and the future.

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