We're not saying that Boise will get hit by an asteroid but what if it did? We stumbled across this simulator that simulates just that... and it's the stuff of nightmares.

How likely is it that Boise will get hit by an asteroid?

According to one source, an extinction-level asteroid strikes Earth every 100 to 200 million years while smaller asteroids can strike Earth every 20,000 years. This particular study defines a "smaller asteroid" as being around 140 meters or roughly 459 feet wide.

We did some serious digging and found that the next asteroid that will fly close to Earth will be June 26, 2028. It's estimated to be between 610 and 1,400 meters wide, but what does that actually mean?

An asteroid simulation tool shows just that

We found a simulator that allows you to pick the size of an asteroid, what it's made of, and launch it wherever you can on the map... and it's detailed.

Today, we're going to look at what several types of asteroids would do to the Treasure Valley. Of course, we'll start "small" and go with 140 meters before cranking that bad boy up to 1,400 meters like the asteroid that's expected to fly by our planet in 2028.

For the target, we kept it simple and used the Idaho State Capitol as our "asteroid target"... it only seemed fair.

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Sure, this asteroid is going to miss the planet entirely, but if it did hit Boise we would definitely be in some serious trouble. That's not the only natural disaster that could strike Boise and the Treasure Valley. There's always the threat of volcanoes, which yes, there is one not that far away and it could erupt at any moment. Here's how much trouble we would be in...

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