It's officially the dawn of a new era in the Treasure Valley. A popular Boise burger joint that we all know and love is no more... at least in the name.

Goodbye, Bad Boy Burgers... Hello, Cowboy Burger?

That's right! Bad Boy Burgers on Fairview is now known as Cowboy Burger. We noticed this when the Facebook page updated everything.

Is It The Same Owners?

The restaurant can be found at 7000 W. Fairview and for now, there has been no explanation given for the change.

As a matter of fact, this author called the location to see if the original Bad Boy owners were still in charge of Cowboy Burgers. The answer we got to paraphrase it kindly was:

"I don't know, I just work here."

The employee on the phone is either tired of being asked this question hundreds of times or they simply want to avoid the subject altogether. Taken back by the employee's stern answer, we decided not to ask any further questions as he quickly rushed off the phone.

When you look at the menu on their Facebook page, everything appears the same except for a few noticeable changes to a name on the menu...

Cowboy Burger/Facebook
Cowboy Burger/Facebook

If you can't tell, the word "COW" is placed over the word that was "BAD" in "BAD BOY BURGER."

So, what's going on over at Cowboy Burger? We called another Bad Boy Burgers at Vista and were able to talk to an employee who informed us that the building at the Fairview location was owned by a different owner from Bad Boy Burgers for the last five to six years. They shared with us that the Fairview location "finally changed its name."

It would explain why the employee at Cowboy Burger didn't want to answer any questions. It seems that the two brands are completely separate and that we can expect two completely different experiences from Bad Boy Burger and Cowboy Burger.

What do you think of the change? Let us know here!

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