Boise continues to grow and the reasons for the influx of population should come as no surprise to anyone - Boise is beautiful and still has a population that is less than half a million. That's alluring to anyone already... but when you take a closer look at the reasons people are moving to Boise, one recent report might surprise you.

Boise is the best for... single dads?

Being a single parent isn't easy by any means. A lot of us here at the office have children and you can just tell when someone is having a DAY.

The energy a parent exerts in a day, especially with multiple children is certainly exhausting but imagine doing it alone. We picture that it has to feel like a 24/7 balancing act. There are probably even times when single parents feel like they have no support which can take a toll mentally.

But, if you're a dad and live in Boise, you'll appreciate a recent report that recognized Boise as one of the best cities for single dads.

What makes Boise the best for single dads?

According to 24/7 Tempo, Boise is the 33rd-best city in the United States for single dads with an "overall score" of 48.58. Other categories include affordability, child care, health and education, and community support. While the site dives deeper into things like father programs and "well-paying jobs", it's important to note that childcare in the Treasure Valley is no joke.

Just look at the numbers...

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