You may need to bundle up and have good boots, but tomorrow is National Take a Hike Day. Idaho is known for its abundance of natural beauty. The Treasure Valley area is full of walkways, pathways and hikes for anyone at any skill level to enjoy the stunning outdoors that surround us. Exploring the Boise Greenbelt is always a good idea but if you are looking for something to get your heartrate up a bit more and get up a little higher elevation to see some views then this list is for you. Scroll down to check out great places to hike around the Treasure Valley.

National Today, a website that gives information on national and international holidays says, "Grab your boots, trail mix, and some water because on November 17, it’s National Take a Hike Day! This annual event gets you outside for scenery and exercise by tackling America’s 60,000 miles of trails. It’s also a great way to get that heart pumping while you breathe in pristine air."

A lot of great hiking resources were used to create this mighty list including, Visit Idaho Website, Ridge to Rivers, All Trails Boise Area, and Planet Ware Boise

Hikes to Explore Outside in and Around Boise

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