Outrage is funny, isn't it?

One minute someone is fuming about student debt relief. Then they're protesting about fake climate change. Also the Earth is flat. Also also alien microorganisms are living in your cereal and slowly taking over your brain.

Ok some of those are made up, but you get the point. Every few weeks, a new outrage arises, and the previous source of anger that everyone was screaming about just...goes away.

First of all, if you can be so angry about one thing, but then jump to the next in a heartbeat, were you really angry at all?

Second, the outrage against drag queens has died down significantly. Go to Facebook. Threads. TikTok. It feels like eons ago that people were stomping pride flags and trying to convince the general public that drag queens are the spawn of Satan and do not deserve to exist on this planet. Weird, right?

Well, not to this man. He's the last man in Boise who's still outraged over drag queens, and you most likely know him.

His name is probably Chad. Or Chaz. Or Gage. Definitely one of those three. Chad/Chaz/Gage is absolutely irate because drag queens...um...someone on Facebook said that...they're...bad! So, Chad/Chaz/Gage is downright furious. He doesn't really know why, but boy is he angry.

It should also be noted that Chad/Chaz/Gabe still lives with him mom. Not because he's broke, but because he's "refusing to work until that promotion comes along." Chad/Chaz/Gage doesn't understand that you need to have a job in order to be promoted at said job.

Chad/Chaz/Gage doesn't get a lot of things, it seems. Don't be a Chad/Chaz/Gage.


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