Look, I know there are people who downplay just how scared they are of certain things and I am not one of those people. If something freaks me out, I'll let you or anyone else know. I'm not one to play it up only to put my foot in my mouth later when I do in fact become terrified of something.

For me, that something is spiders. I don't care what anyone says or thinks of me for being scared of spiders, I don't mess with them. I won't necessarily run from them unless it's ridiculously large, outnumbered in spider-to-human ratio, or if I'm not allowed to kill it. In most cases, I go into full attack mode because I can't have peace of mind knowing there is a spider roaming my house. Speaking of - a friend of mine actually welcomes spiders into her home because they "kill the threat." Mind you, they're not pets... she just leaves them be.

I can't do that and when it comes to the case of the spiders of Idaho, I'm not going to take that chance. There's no way that a spider I let go is going to roam my house and eat me while I sleep, no thank you. Just the other day I almost had a panic attack when I made my way to my patio. I reached to slide the door open when I saw this:

Chris C./TSM Boise
Chris C./TSM Boise

I kid you not, I felt the spirit of my existence exit my body. First off, why are we rolling with the yellow and black legs? That's terrifying! Again, I know this spider is harmless but seriously, Idaho? The photo's not exactly in focus because guess what? I'm not getting close to that thing and the last thing I wanted to do was get introduced to my maker via a banded garden spider. This is the type of spider that I won't try to kill because I feel like a flamethrower is required. It's too massive! Plus, what if I took it out and a million little baby spiders got out? I would be screwed. So, I did what any logical and sensible man would do... I ignored it and let it do its thing.

I'm not kidding - I didn't open my blinds for four solid days. I didn't want to know that this creature of the abyss was setting up shop waiting to murder some prey, you know what I mean? After four days, the spider left and we got away with not having to go into battle with it; which I'm grateful for because I don't own a torch or spear.

It could be worse, you could be my colleague, Parker who came across this nightmare in his garage just a few days ago...

Parker K./TSM Boise
Parker K./TSM Boise

Like... SERIOUSLY, A BLACK WIDOW, IDAHO?! C'mon! That thing looks like the manifestation of impending doom. Darker than the darkest nights with a pinch of dread sprinkled in for good measure... terrifying.

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