Pocatello's Mysterious Stanrod Castle

Chronicled in the National Register of Historic Places, Pocatello's Stanrod Mansion was built in 1897 for Drew William Stanrod, respected Idaho judge and bank president. By all measures, the Victorian marvel is a work of art. According to a nationwide 2019 survey by Work+Money, the iconic 16-room Pocatello castle is the state’s greatest, if not its most recognizable, residence.

Photo Credit: Zillow: A look at the spectacular craftsmanship featured in the Victorian castle's interior.
Photo Credit: Zillow: A look at the spectacular craftsmanship and artistry featured in the Victorian castle's interior.

But all that glitters isn't necessarily gold within the the 5,000-square-foot residence. Legend has it the 16-room castle is haunted by the ghost of Stanrod's 16-year-old daughter.

Photo Credit: Zillow
Photo Credit: Zillow: An incredible view of the castle's impressive library filled with beautiful leather-bound novels.

Records show Elvira Campbell Stanrod, known affectionately as Cammie, died at the age of 16 from an undisclosed illness in the castle on April 27,1906. After the teen's untimely passing, residents claimed Elvira's spirit inhabited the castle grounds. Her gravestone, labeled only with the name "Cammie," still sits on the property today.

On the whether the residence is or isn't truly haunted, former owner Barbara Magin went on the record to say:

There are ghosts. I’ve had experiences with them. And I just told them that I was here to take care of the mansion … and they’re welcome to stay. —B. Magin


Last sold on 18 Jun., the house is currently off-the-market.

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