Idaho native and A-List actor Aaron Paul's rise to stardom began with a bowl of Corn Pops.

1999 was an important year for Corn Pops, the puffy, semi-sweet grain cereal we couldn't get enough of as kids. But according to the New York Times, cereal consumption had peaked in the mid-'90s, and the competition among top commercial cereal brands was tightening.

To capture the "some 90 percent of American households" who started their day with grainy goodness over a bowl of ice-cold milk, Kellogg's crafted the tagline, "I gotta have my Pops!" It was catchy, but the think tanks at Kellogg's knew they needed the right actor to pitch it to American teens.

Enter: Idaho's Aaron Paul—a bright-eyed, twenty-something rookie actor hungry for fame, fortune, and a big ole bowl of Corn Pops. Despite his limited experience, Paul nailed the audition. We think it was his withering eye-roll that landed him the complex role.

Steel yourself as we head back to 1999 and take in Paul's riveting performance of a defiant, Corn Pops-obsessed teen in the vintage commercial below.


Paul's come a long way since his Corn Pop days. Over the last 24 years, the actor has starred in multiple high-profile, highly acclaimed films and television series. A  nominee and winner of several prestigious acting awards, Aaron Paul's name is known in homes across America and around the world.

Keep scrolling to see his evolution from the Corn Pops kid to Hollywood star!

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