Idaho has some incredibly rich history and some unbelievable Airbnb, rentals and bed and breakfasts around the state. Before we get into the most historic Bed and Breakfast in the state, this adorable place was named the Most Charming Bed and Breakfast in Idaho

Explore Idaho's Most Charming Bed and Breakfast

Bed and Breakfast stays are a great way to have a more unique and memorable experience while traveling or staycationing. The gorgeous Fillmore Inn in Twin Falls Idaho was voted the most charming in the state according to 

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Loveexploring put together the lists of the most historic Airbnb's in each state. This special Idaho place was founded in 1914 and since its opening has been a hot spot for Idahoan staycationers and far away travelers. After over a century of inviting guests and providing great customer service this gorgeous place is still going strong.

Idaho’s Most Historic Bed & Breakfast is 109 Years Old & as Popular as Ever

Gallery Credit: Nikki West

Loveexploring says, "The historic Inn was selected by proprietor William Richard "Billy" Godfrey for its proximity to the river's mineral-rich waters, which Godfrey used in the inn's thermal baths. Such were the water's healing properties, that even doctors set up office in the hotel and the building later served as a hospital. Today the inn comprises 18 elegantly designed guest rooms, plus complimentary breakfast and use of the hot springs."

You Really Can Stay the Night in One of Idaho's Historic Bordellos

In fact, it's located not far from the Oasis Bordello Museum!

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Idaho's Most Expensive Rental House is a Whopping $17,500 Per Month

We have seen some insane homes, mansions and even castles around Idaho. I found an impressive home with an impressive rental price tag. So what does $17,500 a month get you in Idaho?

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See Inside A Historic and Naughty Idaho Brothel for Sale

Located at 611 Cedar in Wallace, ID this property used to be a well known brothel. What used to be its sister property was remodeled into an upscale bed and breakfast with artwork honoring the gals that used to work there. Will its next owner do something similar to this property?

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