If you've lived in Idaho for some time, you know the Gem State is home to several legends including Bigfoot, mysterious cannibalistic elves living in the mountains, and several lake monsters. Recently, we received a video that shows one of those legends is alive and well... and terrorizing vacationers in McCall, Idaho.

Sharlie the Lake Monster or something more sinister...?

That's right... Sharlie the Lake Monster. At least, that's what comes to mind when you see this video sent to us by a source that chose to remain anonymous. In this video, we see two vacationers about to jump before we hear people asking "WHAT IS THAT?!"

It's honestly the best part of the video. As the video continues, we see something lurking underwater, making bubbles as it stalks the boat. Clearly, the people on the boat are terrified as they repeatedly question what is swimming around them. It almost seems that the creature is daring someone to jump in the water... but what is actually happening below? You be the judge...

Is This Proof A Monster Exists Under A Popular Idaho Lake? (VIDEO)

We received a video submission that shows a mysterious creature lurking below the surface of Lake Payette in McCall, Idaho.

Gallery Credit: Chris Cardenas

That's not the only eerie creature that people in Idaho need to worry about. Sightings of Bigfoot are normal in Idaho and the Gem State is one of the most popular states for the hairy cryptid to hang out. In Washington, though, we came across a video that shows a Bigfoot walking through and thriving in an environment that is similar to that of Idaho: snowy mountaintops with plenty of forests to hide in.

Let's take a look at one of the most compelling pieces of evidence that Bigfoot exists. Do you think this means that Bigfoot would enjoy living in the mountains of Idaho?

You Might Want To Watch This Before Hunting Bigfoot In Idaho

This surveillance footage in Washington captured what appears to be the most compelling evidence of Bigfoot's existence to date.

Gallery Credit: Chris Cardenas

Speaking of Bigfoot and living in the mountains of Idaho, is it possible that this area is inhabited by the elusive creature?

VIDEO: What in the World is Going On in the Woods of Idaho?

After being posted to a YouTube channel back in 2019, this creepy video shot in the mountains of Idaho remains unexplained. What's going on?

Gallery Credit: Chris Cardenas

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