As the old saying goes: "Knowledge is power." A lot of people will be looking to make a change in 2023 and for some people, that means trying to find a place to live. Those same people looking for a change in 2023 will likely want to do their research too, as where you raise a family is extremely important.

Have you ever woken up and said, "Man, I wish my neighbors cooked crystal meth?"

Yeah, me neither. I'm not saying there aren't people out there who do wish they lived next door to a meth lab, in which case, you can contact Crystal Meth Anonymous (CMA) at 1-855-638-4373. You can even see if they have any meetings near you.

But, if you're like me and don't want to live next to a meth lab, you may want to consider doing your research beforehand and I found the perfect tool for you to do just that.

How to see if your neighbors are cooking meth...

Why does it matter? According to, 7.67% of teenagers in Idaho are using drugs. While that may not seem like much, it could always be better and if you know how many meth labs are around you, it makes it a little bit easier to know what to look for. The National Drug Intelligence Center lists a few things to look for if you're suspicious of a house being a meth lab:

  • Unusual odors
  • Excessive trash and red-stained cloths
  • Foil over windows
  • Visitors at weird times
  • You never see your neighbors

Thanks to a tool from, you can plug in your address to see how many "clandestine laboratories" are in your radius. Simply click that link, scroll down to where you see a spot you can "autofill", input your info, and marvel at the results.

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