At last night's MTV Video Music Awards, it was a moment 20 years in the making.

In case you missed it:

The last time we saw the gentlemen of NSYNC together on stage was way back at the 2003 VMAs. It was definitely a feel good moment of nostalgia for all.

That leads us to this: What's next for NSYNC?

There've been rumors for weeks that NYSNC would be reuniting to record a song for the upcoming Trolls movie, starring Justin Timberlake. We've seen story after story, but so far, there's nothing to corroborate the guys putting out a new song. We have our fingers crossed, but with a lack of evidence, we're not getting too excited. Yet.

The other rumor, and this is the big one, has NSYNC going on a cross-country stadium tour in 2024. Oh. My. God.

If that does happen, what are the chances that the NSYNC train would make a tour stop in Idaho. More specifically, Boise, Idaho?

While it's literally impossible to get an exact measurement on the chances of a major NSYNC tour stopping in Boise, we can definitely make a few educated guesses. If it does turn out to be a stadium tour, then Boise is most likely out of the question. Even Boise State can't house near the amount of people that a major city's concert arena can.

What if it's just a...tour? A tour that stops at venues that aren't gargantuan in size? Then, in that case, we've got a fighting chance.

Think we'll see NSYNC on tour in 2024? Let's connect.


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