That's it, now I can say I've seen it all. I have officially seen everything. There is, in fact, a business in Boise that is delivering snowmen. We're not talking about cute little decorative snowmen either, I'm talking about the real deal. Live, cold, actual-for-real-H20-in-their-DNA snowmen.

The business, known as "Snowman Delivery" on Facebook looks like a seasonal hobby more than it does a full-time gig. Nonetheless, the people behind the idea are ingenious. Just take a look at their prices!

$15 per ball delivered, $50 for three snowballs and a "decoration kit", and $70 for a fully decorated and delivered snowman. I feel like this is one of those "Why didn't I think of that?" moments but on the other hand, how ingenious is this?

Snowman Delivery via Facebook
Snowman Delivery via Facebook

What Occasion Calls For You To Have A Snowman Delivered?

Whether it's a part of a proposal or to surprise the kids, there are plenty of reasons someone would choose to have a pre-built snowman. When I initially saw this story, I thought, "Wow... someone is cashing in on selling water that has fallen from the sky."

Turns out - it's more than that.

While a lot of people would be quick to laugh, is it possible that this is creating a memory for someone who otherwise wouldn't get to experience that? Think about the people who used to build snowmen with loved ones and for whatever reason, they can't do that this year. How sweet and heartwarming would it be to send one over to someone who can experience that little bit of winter magic one more time?

You Can't Knock The Hustle!

At the end of the day, you can't be mad at the fact that someone came up with this idea. They're likely able to provide memories for others while beefing up their Christmas funds this year. Would you take advantage of these deals and have a snowman delivered? Let me know here!

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