First off, let's salute our local law enforcement for putting up with our BS day in and day out. Secondly, we have to specifically shout out Nampa police for their sense of humor in a situation that I would imagine would be infuriating to an actual officer.

Who is Sgt. Jamie Burns?

According to a post from Nampa police, there is a scammer lurking in the Treasure Valley posing as "Sgt. Jamie Burns from Nampa police."

"It’s happening again," Nampa police shared in the post, "We’ve taken several calls this morning from folks who have received calls from someone claiming to be Sgt. Jamie Burns… again."

That's right - whoever this scammer is doesn't have an "F" to give and couldn't find one to give you if they had one. While yes, this is extremely bold to go for the same scam, especially one that involves impersonating an officer - it's really really stupid.

According to Idaho law, impersonating an officer "is punishable by imprisonment in the county jail for a period not to exceed one (1) year, or by a fine not to exceed one thousand dollars ($1,000) or both."

That means this idiot is potentially looking at jail time and a thousand-dollar fine for impersonating an officer.

What are they doing?

Apparently, the "fake Jamie" as Nampa police are calling him, is posing as Lt. Jamie Burns who is the real Jamie Burns for Nampa PD. Take a look at their post and pay attention to the signs!

Honestly, I love the last part where they offer advice on what to do if you find out you have a warrant. I hope this catch this criminal who is preying on unsuspecting residents of the Treasure Valley.

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