The Eras Tour

Music and pop culture icon Taylor Swift kicked off her nationwide tour earlier this spring on March 17 in Glendale, Arizona. Described by Swift as a "journey through all of my musical eras," The Eras Tour encompasses 52 shows, 20 stadiums, 10 albums, 10 acts, 44 songs, and a three-hour setlist. Wow.

Following Swift's wildly successful 2018 Reputation Stadium Tour that grossed $345 million in revenue, making it the U.S. and North America's highest-grossing female-led concert tour of all time, fans have big expectations for Swift's second stadium tour.

Taylor Swift & the Idaho Humane Society

With as much as she has riding on The Eras Tour, how did Swift find time to swing by the Idaho Humane Society in Boise? Swifties know she's a friend of the felines, but performing two-to-three three-hour shows a week leaves little-to-no time to cuddle kittens at the shelter. Did Swift fulfill our wildest dreams and make Boise the 53rd city on The Eras Tour? As ready as we are for it, no. We're disappointed, too. However, there is a grain of truth pertaining to the rumor about Swift being at the Idaho Humane Society this week.

Do You Want to Adopt Taylor Swift?

[UPDATE 30 May 2023] Taylor Swift Has Officially Been Adopted!

Boise, meet Taylor Swift; the Idaho Humane Society's most adorably-named cat! IHS admits she's no pop star, but says "this girl will make your heart sing!" Kitty Swift is a nine-month-old snuggly babe who loves receiving affection and doesn't mind sharing a home with other felines and canines. Taylor Swift needs a safe and loving home! If you want to adopt this beautiful furry feline, contact IHS here.

Scroll on for an insider-look at human-Taylor on The Eras Stadium Tour! 

Photo Credit: Idaho Humane Society, Boise
Photo Credit: Idaho Humane Society, Boise

38 Pics From Taylor Swift On The Eras Tour

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