Imagine someone who loves the weed so much that they would channel their energy in the afterlife to hit up a dispensary for their fix. That's right, in the afterlife.

Believe it or not - there is a ghost in the state of Oregon that is doing just that.

Ghost blaze it up too

Five Zero Trees is located in Oregon City at 719 Main St. in Oregon City. Supposedly, the dispensary is haunted by a ghost who has a serious craving for some of the "Righteous Bush" as the kids are calling it. What makes this story that much more intriguing is that it is all caught on video. Even more interesting? We know for a fact that the security footage hasn't been edited or messed with due to the simple fact that doing so would violate Oregon law.

You can learn more about the strict video surveillance laws in Oregon dispensaries here. Now, let's take a look at some of the paranormal activity taking place inside Five Zero Trees in Oregon City.

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An Oregon dispensary is experiencing paranormal activity and could quite possibly be the home of Oregon's "Stoner Ghost."

Gallery Credit: Chris Cardenas

This video is legit...

Everything you've seen in this security footage of the "Oregon Stoner Ghost" is legit. I have to say - it feels good saying so as someone who is so into this stuff. What makes this video legit? Oregon laws are super strict when it comes to video surveillance inside a dispensary. As the manager of Five Zero Trees in Oregon City says, it's illegal for a dispensary to alter the footage of their business.

What do you think is going on inside Five Zero Trees? Is it the pharmacist who once operated his business in the same building? Is it something sinister? Or perhaps it's simply a ghost looking to blaze it up on a slow Tuesday? You be the judge.

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According to club owner Ted Challenger, the club has a resident that has been dead-- for years--since about 1906. Her spirit lives on, allegedly, and this security cam footage is chilling!

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