Rolling Back the Sensory Overload

Have you heard? Walmart rolled out sensory-friendly in-store shopping hours to accommodate shoppers with sensitives to light, sound, and mobile graphics and images. If you missed the announcement, so did we.

Every Saturday since July 8, between the hours of 8 a.m. and 10 a.m., Walmart in Garden City has substituted mobile graphics and images in favor of static ones. The neighborhood grocery store also dimmed overhead lights and muted the musical stylings of Walmart Radio.

Photo Credit: R. A. Valenzuela
Photo Credit: R. A. Valenzuela

Accommodating All Shoppers

America's largest retailer added the special hours to accommodate those who have autism, other differently-abled people, and neuro-divergent customers. Julie Barber, Executive Vice President of General Merchandise, mentioned the initiative in a post outlining Walmart's annual back-to-school savings plan:

We are striving every day to create a culture where everyone feels they belong. This year, Walmart is taking steps toward creating a quieter shopping environment that’s more enjoyable for customers who live with sensory disabilities.

There are two Saturdays left before Garden City's Walmart does away with the sensory-friendly shopping hours. But why? Unless Walmart knows something we don't, we're pretty sure people with sensory sensitivities and the neuro-diverse will still need groceries after Aug. 26.

Can Garden City Be Convinced to Keep Sensory-Friendly Hours?

Tell us what you think! How have Walmart's sensory-friendly hours been helpful to you and yours? If enough of us chime in, maybe we'll convince the Garden City store to continue the weekly initiative. Email

Two Idaho Women Face Off in a Grocery Store Checkout Line

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Oh, my God! Could you move any slower! I’ve gotta get my son in Eagle in 20 minutes!

Tap here to see what happens next!

Photo by Franki Chamaki on Unsplash // Canva
Photo by Franki Chamaki on Unsplash // Canva

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Although we've "officially" moved on, there are now other factors that are being blamed for higher prices and lower supply. The war in Ukraine, high fuel costs, lack of manpower, etc. It seems there are several reasons behind it, and none of them look like they're in our favor as consumers.

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