Boise drivers are some of the most expressive drivers in the entire country. If you aren't paying attention or are driving horribly, you're going to hear about it... or see a middle finger. While not all drivers in Boise and the Treasure Valley are hostile, there are drivers who have strong feelings toward their fellow drivers based solely on what they drive.

The most hated vehicles in Boise

We took to social media to ask what the most annoying vehicle was in Boise and people didn't hold back on their answers. I would like to point out that I am simply the messenger as I can't find it in myself to judge someone based on what they drive. I may or may not have made the age-old joke about people who drive big trucks and the stereotype that comes with it of large truck owners compensating for something. But that's beside the point... let's look into some of the vehicles that you, the people of Boise, confessed to absolutely hating with a burning passion.

Boise Drivers Share Which Vehicles They Hate With A Burning Passion

The people of Boise have taken to social media to share the vehicles they find the most annoying. Do you agree?

Gallery Credit: Chris Cardenas

I honestly feel really bad for the BMW drivers as I don't think it's fair to start calling names based on what you drive. I was somewhat surprised by people picking the minivan as the vehicle they despise most as you would think that those would be the safest. You know - because a minivan usually has precious cargo in children.

Are there vehicles we missed? Which vehicle can you absolutely not stand being on the road? Let me know your thoughts here!

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