It's been nearly a whole year since the Season 5 Premiere of Yellowstone. The first episode of the latest season pulled in record ratings, and each week left us all wanting more. After eight episodes, we were given a red light as they invented something called a "midseason finale." At that time, we believed that we would get the rest of the season in May, but then came Kevin Costner's divorce, his fallout with Yellowstone producer Tyler Sheridan, and the writer's strike.  

When will Yellowstone return to television?

In January, Paramount announced that due to Kevin Costner's unexpectedly leaving the show, Season 5 would be Yellowstone's last. That means that the show will have to re-write and re-shoot some of the second half of season five and add a few more episodes to wrap up all of the loose ends. Sheridan has said that Paramount will allow him to do as many episodes as necessary to finish the story. How many Kevin Costner will be a part of is another question.

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All of these issues have led to an uncertain timeline for the debut of the second half of season five. If you can't wait, there's only one way to get new Yellowstone episodes on your timeline: make your own. Fortunately, Boise is just over six hours from the location of the Yellowstone Dutton Ranch.  

Can you stay on the Yellowstone Ranch?

In real life, the Dutton's ranch is the Chief Joseph Ranch in Darby, Montana, about a six-hour drive from Boise.  You can stay at the Chief Joseph Ranch and feel like a Dutton, but it won't be exactly like you see on TV. For example, you can't stay in the lodge. Instead, you have your choice of Lee or Rip's cabin.  

How much does it cost to stay on the Yellowstone Ranch?

The cost of staying at the ranch isn't cheap either. You'll spend $1400 per night for Lee's cabin or $1700 for Rip's. You can have up to four guests to split the cost with you, but there is a minimum stay of three nights. So the least you'll spend on lodging is $4200 or $1,050 per guest if you split it four ways. In addition to your stay on the ranch, you'll be able to tour the property. They currently have some limited availability to stay on the ranch between now and November 25th.  

Getting a hold of the ranch to stay there can be challenging. The owners only sometimes answer their phones, and the voicemail wasn't accepting messages when I called. The official website doesn't allow you to make reservations either.

Can you visit the Yellowstone Ranch?

If you visit the property without staying there, you can take a picture from the gate, but that's as close as you'll get. So, the only way to see where the Duttons call home is to pay to stay.

I contacted some people who stayed there, and they were willing to share their photos. See them below.

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