Do you ever feel like you’re taking your life into your own hands when you buckle your seatbelt for your morning or afternoon commute?

Those feelings are well-founded. In 2021, Idaho traffic deaths surged to a 15-year high. 271 people died on Idaho roads that year. In early January, the Idaho Transportation Department said their preliminary data shows that number dropped by 19% last year, but 219 people still lost their lives in crashes in the Gem State.

According to an analysis done by The Fang Law Firm, one of the 40 most deadly intersections in the entire United States is in Idaho. They looked at fatal crash data collected by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration from 2000-2019 and determined that the intersection of US-93 and SR-25 in Jerome County was the 27th deadliest intersection in America. Over the span of those 19 years, there were six fatal crashes at that intersection.

Car Crash with police

A few co-workers looked at us in utter shock when we told them that. They were so sure that it was going to be Eagle and Fairview. While the Fang analysis didn’t mention Eagle and Fairview or any other intersections in Idaho, it did give us a source to go look at to see how deadly Eagle and Fairview truly is.

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We narrowed our analysis of fatal crashes to ones that happened in Ada and Canyon County between 2010-2020 (the most recent year available through the FARS raw data.) Eagle and Fairview is among the deadliest intersections in our area but isn’t the deadliest.


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The deadliest intersection in Idaho isn’t in any of the largely populated cities, it’s in the small town of Jerome and it’s one of the top 20 deadliest in the nation.

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