If you're here, then you clearly have a penchant for driving fast.

We're talking Dominic Toretto-like speeds from The Fast & The Furious.

88 miles per hour just like Marty in the Delorean from Back to the Future.

Or, pretty much any buddy cop movie. Those always seem to feature fast chase scenes.

Anways, you like to go fast. You've got things to do. Places to be. Important things to be attending...probably. How's one to get to their destination rapidly without risking getting pulled over by our friends at Boise P.D.? You've got to know the tricks, that's how.

While this writer isn't going to directly reveal their sources, I can tell you this: I know for a fact a battle-tested way you can avoid getting pulled over, no matter where you find yourself in Boise.

While it's advised you keep this secret to yourself, if you do choose to share it with your friends, just be prepared. They'll have the same mental petrol that you do to fuel their desire for avoiding any kind of run-in with the police.

Here it is.

Don't drive.

Yup. That's it.

Don't want to get pulled over for speeding? Don't speed, or don't drive.

For some odd reason, people in 2023 still think that it's not only ok to drive a few miles over the speed limit at any given time, many believe it's actually legal to go "a few over" without getting a ticket.

It's illegal to speed. Sure, the guy you sat next to at college orientation was probably right when he said "Bruh, my dad's a lawyer. It's fine," but we doubt it.


Hope you got a good laugh! Enjoy your week :)


(Make sure to share this with that friend you KNOW is always driving too fast)


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