Using the term “Christmas Creep” to describe the early arrival of Christmas decorations in stores has been a thing since the ‘80s. Has anyone used the phrase “Halloween Creep?” Because we’re fairly sure that phenomenon is happening NOW in the Treasure Valley! 

Photo by Kevin Rajaram on Unsplash
Photo by Kevin Rajaram on Unsplash

And we’re totally here for it! One of our area’s five Spirit Halloween stores is already open for the season. The Idaho Halloween and Horror convention is celebrating its second year in Boise August 12-14. The Pumpkin Spice Latte is expected to be back at Starbucks on August 30. (BTW, you can get it year round at locally owned Zero Six Coffee Fix on Parkcenter.) 

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Spooky season is upon us! And the latest piece of the Halloween puzzle to slip into place is the grand reveal of the Lowe Family Farmstead’s corn maze design for 2022! Over the years, the fall festival has made quite the name for itself! They routinely get nominated and place in the USA Today’s 10 Best Awards for the Best Corn Maze in America.

News of their 2016 “Fallon at the Farmstead” design made it to the late night host and not only did it appear on the show, Jimmy Fallon sent Hashtag the Panda to parachute into the center of it! 

Their 2022 Fall season starts on Friday, September 9 and runs thru Saturday, October 29. While there are dozens of activities for families to enjoy, the main attraction is the “MAiZE!” The Lowe family unveiled this year’s design on August 11! Take a look at all the past designs and the theme they chose for this year. 

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